About us

This website, lead by WHO and UNICEF with input from a range of partners, serves as a hub for the latest knowledge and tools for improving WASH in health care facilities, provides advocacy messages and materials for use by a wide group of stakeholders and showcases global and national improvement initiatives and the lessons learned from such efforts. The site should provide an opportunity for dialogue between stakeholders, to share information and progress on the global work plan which helps support the efforts of the four task teams. 

The website is designed to: 

  • Raise awareness of the problem of limited WASH services in health care facilities and advocate for improvement of WASH services at the global, national and facility level
  • Provide tailored information on WASH in health care facilities for a range of audiences and stakeholders
  • Increase global communication on the subjet
  • Encourage and support the health sectors to take responsibility for WASH in health care facilities by providing tools, lessons learned and specific entry points for improving services
  • Share examples of country initiatives and best practice of facility improvements.