The Clean and Safe Health facility campaign “CASH” in Ethiopia was launched by the Ministry of Health in 2014 and aims to reduce health care infections and make hospitals safer through staff training on infection prevention and control and patient safety, safe and sufficient water supply and sanitation facilities and health care waste management along with implementing audits and supporting hospitals in developing and implementing charters for cleanliness.

CASH was initially only implemented in all hospitals in Ethiopia (approximately 150) and was expanded to health centres in 2016. 

CASH includes:

  • Engaging all type of professionals with CASH
  • Attitude change on waste management and environmental hygiene
  • Sustained advocacy and communication on hospital cleanliness
  • Conducting regular cleanliness activities as well as sustained cleaning campaigns
  • Implemention of infection prevention and facility management standards
  • Assignment of an empowered ward master to wards in each hospital to oversee the assurance of ward cleanliness along with the department head
  • Development and implementation of cleaning manual, standards and tools
  • Conducting internal and external audits and recognizing hospitals
  • Ensuring hygiene, including environmental cleanliness, is high on everyone’s agenda by having a cleaning service plan, which should be part of the organization's overall plan.
  • Development and implementation of a charter for cleanliness for each hospital.

For further details on the initiative, including strategies for implementation, monitoring and auditing, download "Clean and Safe Health facility Campaign “CASH” Initiative, Ethiopia: Overview" below.