Webinar series on WHO's Global Learning Laboratory for Quality UHC (30 May, 1500 CEST)
The second webinar series from the GLL that will focus on the role of national quality policies and strategies in driving change in health systems.

National quality policies and strategies are pivotal in strengthening health systems, making progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and achieving the SDGs. It is a key focus area of the WHO Global Learning Laboratory (GLL) for Quality UHC. Implementation-informed policy development provides the basis for assuring and sustaining a culture of quality across all levels of the health system. There is wide acknowledgement that governance of quality is intimately related to how quality is perceived at the front-line of service delivery and in making services more people-centered. This webinar will examine the role of national quality polices and strategies in driving change in national health systems. Emphasis is placed on how local implementation can inform and be informed by national strategic direction on quality. The linkages between policy, strategy and implementation can provide feedback to policy-makers, contribute to accountability and serve as a pathway to inform future direction on quality. The 60 minute session will highlight examples and lessons learned from a number of countries as well as outline the WHO approach in this area of work.

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