Water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure and quality in rural healthcare facilities in Rwanda

The state of WASH services was assessed in 17 rural HCFs in Rwanda through direct observation and semi-structured interviews.

WASH and gender in health care facilities: The uncharted territory

A study looking at applied gender-sensitive multitool assessments in India and Uganda.

Briefing note: Clean Clinic Approach

The Maternal and Child Survival ProgramÕs (MCSP) Clean Clinic Approach (CCA) works with national ministries of health to develop criteria by which HCFs can attain ÒClean ClinicÓ status, buy improving WASH and environmental health conditions.

Community Plumbing Challenge Design Week: 2017. Summary report

An overview of the the first ever Community Plumbing Challenge Design Week, marking the beginning of the Community Plumbing Challenge 2017 program (CPC2017) in Cikarang, Bekasi (West Java), Indonesia.

WASH FIT Training Report – Embangweni, Malawi

A detailed report of a WASH FIT training in Malawi, July 2017. The report provides useful details on the process of organising and running a training and implementing WASH FIT.

WASH in health care facilities: maternal & neonatal implications

Presentations given at the Annual Global WASH in HCF Meeting, London, March 2016