The role of infection prevention and control in preventing antibiotic resistance in health care

An infographic to raise awareness during World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2017 on the links between IPC, WASH and AMR in health care settings.

Prevention first: Tackling AMR through water, sanitation and hygiene

This article focuses on three neglected elements of WASH and AMR in healthcare facilities and the environment, highlighting the importance of WASH for mothers and newborns, and on synergizing WASH policies and approaches to support the continuum of care from healthcare settings to the home.

Small Water Enterprise in Rural Rwanda: Business Development and Year-One Performance Evaluation of Nine Water Kiosks at Health Care Facilities

A study to evaluate small water enterprises in rural Rwanda, looking at nine facility-owned and operated water kiosks supplying water from onsite water treatment systems

WASH FIT Training Report – Embangweni, Malawi

A detailed report of a WASH FIT training in Malawi, July 2017. The report provides useful details on the process of organising and running a training and implementing WASH FIT.