WASH in Health Care Facilities Expert Group Meeting Report

Report of the Expert Group Meeting at which the core questions for WASH in HCF were drafted, New York, 2016.

WASH Safety Plan Training Liberia Nov 2015 summary report

NB: Liberia used the term WASH Safety Plans, as this was the name used before it became WASH FIT.

WaSH Policy Research Digest: WHO-UNICEF report shows that WaSH in health care facilities is seriously lacking

A short summary of the WHO-UNICEF 2015 report of global data on coverage of WASH in HCF.

Technical Guidelines on Transport of Infectious Waste – UN 3291

his document provides guidance on how to package and transport Infectious Waste (classified as UN 3291) on public roads. Postal, airline and shipping of Infectious Waste is not considered by this document, because it is subject to special international or national regulations.