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Implementation of the global work plan for WASH in health care facilities will be co-facilitated by WHO and UNICEF, as the "Coordination Unit" with each entity taking on specific lead roles.  The Coordination Unit will serve several roles, including: coordinating action areas and cross-fertilizing thinking and products, facilitating communications among partners and within and between action areas, organizing global and regional meeting(s) and managing a multi-stakeholder global campaign, including a new external website.


In addition to the Secretariat, the UN-Water Expert Group on WASH will play an important role in the initiative. The Expert Group will engage the broader WASH community including all UN agencies working on WASH and partners in aligning and strengthening efforts, providing strategic input on programmatic approaches and in encouraging and supporting countries in achieving national targets.

Advisory group

A high-level advisory group will provide strategic direction, promote cross-fertilisation of ideas between the thematic areas and review progress against the established indicators. The main focus will be on implementation efforts and thus countries will have a key role in informing efforts and setting direction in their specific context. The group will be composed of diverse and influential WASH and health actors from the national, regional and global level and include approximately 8-10 members, with aim to have gender parity and representation from most regions. The group will regularly review progress against the metrics for progress and provide inputs on strategic directions, tools and communication materials.


The role of partners in advocating for change, allocating financial and human resources, assisting in building infrastructure, and documenting and disseminating learnings will be critical to the success of the effort. Partners will lead and co-lead the action areas, thereby contributing to setting priorities and developing and implementing learning and advocacy products. Partners will have a critical role at the country level where they will support government strategies and work towards achieving targets. UN-Water is one particular partner who will galvanize UN agencies and partners working on water. The expert group within UN-Water will focus on WASH in HCF.

Global campaign

A global campaign, bringing together global, national and facility level action and efforts, will be managed by the Coordination Unit. The overall direction of the campaign and activities will be co-developed with partners and informed by the outputs of the key action areas. While the focus requires further thought and analysis, some of the key aims of the campaign will be to raise awareness at the global, regional and national levels, seek commitments of governments and implementing partners and channel coordinated actions in order to progressively meet established targets. The campaign will complement, and join forces, rather than compete, with, existing health campaigns and health days, such as World Water Day, World Toilet Day and 5th May Hand Hygiene day.