Hand Hygiene For All – improving access and behaviour in health care facilities

This new brief from WHO provides insights into available strategies and approaches to hand hygiene improvement in health care facilities (HCFs) in support of the new United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)/World Health Organization (WHO) Hand Hygiene for All Initiative, including sustainable interventions. The brief draws on learning from legacy work and the current evidence base. It emphasizes the synergistic relationship between IPC and WASH in HCFs and summarizes how joint action and collaboration is essential for improvement in the context of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) response and beyond.

The determinants of handwashing behaviour in domestic settings: An integrative systematic review

This open access article has been published. It aimed to identify, define and categorise the determinants of handwashing behaviour in domestic settings and to appraise the quality of this evidence.

WASHinHCF Webinar Series Summary

The document provides a summary of the 12 month WASH in Healthcare Facilities webinar series with short descriptions of each webinar.

Summary of WASH in health care facilities webinar series

Emory University hosted a yearlong monthly webinar series on WASH in Healthcare Facilities. The following report summarizes each of the sessions, along with links to the recordings.

2018 Handwashing Behavior Change Think Tank: Event Report

The Global Handwashing Partnership and Procter & Gamble convened the 2018 Handwashing Behavior Change Think Tank in Manila, Philippines. This event brought together academics, practitioners and stakeholders working in handwashing behavior change across the globe to co-create solutions in handwashing behavior change. The event report can be accessed here: https://globalhandwashing.org/resources/2018-handwashing-behavior-change-think-tank/

Drivers for behavioural change

Presentations given at the Annual Global WASH in HCF Meeting, London, March 2016