Fundamentals First: Key data, findings and recommendations. Global Webinar

Slides from a global webinar to mark the launch of the new 2020 Global Progress report,  launched on 14 December 2020.

Global progress report on WASH in health care facilities: Fundamentals first

This global progress report on WASH in health care facilities comes at an unprecedented moment, when coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is exposing key vulnerabilities in health systems, such as inadequate infection prevention and control. WASH services in health care facilities, so often taken for granted – or as this report highlights, outright neglected – are needed more than ever to protect vulnerable health workers and patients. The report identifies major global gaps in WASH services, describes global responses and country case studies. WHO press release, Monday 14 December Infographics in all UN languages

A “no regrets” investment: why WASH in healthcare facilities must be a funding priority

Funding WASH in healthcare facilities is a ‘no-regrets’ investment; WASH services are necessary in order to achieve a range of healthcare priorities including disease prevention, quality care, pandemic preparedness, effective health systems, and healthier and more productive communities.