Monitoring Environmental Health in Maternal and Newborn Health Programs In Health Care Facilities

The objectives of this brief are to review common and effective indicators for monitoring environmental health conditions and measuring improvements in maternal and newborn health care as well as recommend opportunities to enhance monitoring of environmental health in maternal and newborn health care settings.

A systematic review of nosocomial waterborne infections in neonates and mothers

A systematic review looking at water sources, reservoirs, and transmission routes that lead to nosocomial waterborne infections in neonates and their mothers.

Knowledge Gaps on Clean Birth in Health Facilities

Presentations from the WASH in HCF Global Meeting, Geneva, 2015.

Environmental factors and WASH practices in the perinatal period in Cambodia

A qualitative study looking at the environmental context for infection prevention and control (IPC) and WASH-associated behaviors in health centers where women give birth, and in homes of newborns, in a rural Cambodian province.

Clean birth and postnatal care practcies to reduce neonatal deaths

A review of the evidence for clean birth and postnatal care practices and estimate the effect on neonatal mortality from sepsis and tetanus for the Lives Saved Tool (LiST).