Guidelines for Green and Climate Resilient Healthcare Facilities-India

These comprehensive Green and Climate Resilient Healthcare guidelines have been prepared to support the strengthening of the healthcare system in India under National Programme on Climate Change and Human Health... Read more »

National TOT WASH FIT Training Report in Benin

This document is a training report of the national training of trainers on WASH FIT in Benin. The training was from the 22-25th of August 2023 in the capital Atakora.... Read more »


Join us for a webinar on WASH, waste and electricity in health care facilities webinar

Join this WHO and UNICEF webinar on Wednesday ​6th September! The webinar builds on the Global Summit on WASH and Waste in health care facilities: Realising safe and sustainable infrastructure... Read more »

Guidelines of Water and Sanitation for Health Facility Improvement Tool in Philippines (2023)

the guidelines identified in this guideline shall contribute to the attainment of the country’s goals towards sustainable development, climate action and universal health care. The development of the Guidelines of... Read more »

Green and Safe Health Facilities Manual-1st Edition

The Green and Safe Health Facilities Manual details environmental considerations for all health facilities. The standards and criteria in this manual are aimed at enhancing patient safety through improved indoor... Read more »

Presentations from the Global Summit on WASH and Waste in Healthcare Facilities-Jordan (13-15 June 2023)

The Global Summit on WASH and Waste in Healthcare Facilities was hosted in Amman Jordan from the 13th till the 15th of June. The 3 days summits had more than... Read more »

Report of the WASH Fit Training of Trainers in Ethiopia

The training aimed to capacitate IPC and WASH experts who are members of the Infection Control Africa Network (ICAN) from different ICAN regional hubs. The training was conducted for three... Read more »

A global taskforce on WASH in health care facilities: synthesis 2022-2023

WHO and UNICEF convened a series of stakeholder ‘think-tanks’ coinciding with the launch of the Global Report on WASH in health care facilities in December 2020, to discuss barriers to... Read more »

How much does it cost to meet the standards for making healthcare facilities water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) compliant? : analysis from Assam, India.

The study aims to estimate the cost to meet the standards for making WASH-compliant HCFs. This cross-sectional study was centered on assessing 60 selected HCF of Assam.

WASH Fit Version 2 in Russian

WASH Fit version 2 is available now in Russian.