WASH Package training

In early 2015 a WHO IPC/WASH assessment found out that only 26% of health care facilities met minimum standards for water quantity supplied and that only 51% had any form of bulk water storage. Between January and October 2015, a WHO assessment of WASH activities in 63 HCFs in 8 counties was conducted. Results indicate that there is a huge challenge in healthcare waste management especially segregation of waste, handling, treatment and final disposal; challenges in water treatment and quality testing, lack of ash pits and placenta pits, lack of protective fencing in waste management areas, poor environmental management and energy use.

A national, comprehensive ‘WASH package’ training of trainers was developed by the Ministry of Health, WHO and UNICEF to address these needs. The WASH package outlines minimum requirements for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in healthcare facilities as part of the program for Early Recovery and Resilience Building from Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Outbreak in Liberia. The training covers the WASH FIT methodology*, a risk-based approach to improving WASH services by facilities themselves. The aim is that all healthcare facilities should have implemented WASH FITby the end of the investment plan (2015-2021) which aims to build a resilient healthcare system in Liberia.

The first training was carried out in November 2015, with subsequent trainings in December 2015 and two planned for early 2016. 

* At the time of training, the original name of WASH FIT (WASH Safety Plans) was still in use.