Language: Arabic

DRAFT Global Framework for Action (2024-2030)-Water, sanitation, hygiene, waste and electricity services in all health care facilities achieves essential quality health services


This document serves to guide global and national efforts and key collaborative actions to deliver water, sanitation, hygiene, waste (WASH), and electricity services in all healthcare facilities. It focuses on WASH and electricity services and ought to be implemented within broader health and climate efforts, including those focused on low carbon and climate resilient health care facilities and systems, “fit for purpose hospitals”, and more broadly efforts that support primary health care and delivery of high-quality, universal, essential health care.

WHO and UNICEF are now seeking your feedback on the Global Framework for Action and it’s implementation. You are invited to either fill out this short survey or download and provide in track changes comments and send back in WORD to Arabella Hayter ( and Nadia Abdalla ( The deadline for the survey and direct input is 6 November 2023. Find the Global Framework for Action here!

WASH Fit Technical Fact sheet 1 (in Arabic)

This is the Arabic translated version of WASH Fit technical factsheet 1 on strengthening the resilience of WASH services in healthcare facilities to climate impacts.

WASH in HCF_resources

This document includes the updated resources to support policy and practice of WASH in health care facilities.