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WASH in HCF_resources

This document includes the updated resources to support policy and practice of WASH in health care facilities.

Protocolo para evaluar la situación del agua, el saneamiento y la higiene en establecimientos de salud con atención a la resiliencia al clima

El objetivo de este protocolo es facilitar la evaluación de los establecimientos de salud de América Latina y el Caribe en lo relativo al agua potable, el alcantarillado y sanea- miento, la higiene, los residuos sólidos, la limpieza, la energía y el medio ambiente y la gestión y fuerza laboral. Representa la herramienta base para conocer la situación de los establecimientos de salud en los campos mencionados.

WASH PRESS: Soluciones de agua, saneamiento e higiene y medidas de prevención y control de infecciones para la preparación y respuesta de los establecimientos de salud en casos de emergencias de salud y desastres

WASH PRESS focuses on providing technical solutions to meet the WASH needs of health facilities during health emergency and disaster preparedness activities or in resource-constrained contexts. The document is the result of a systematic review of numerous technical guidelines, practices and tools from the WHO and other relevant institutions and universities in the sector. In a single tool, it combines the minimum standards and indicators to be met with technical solutions to achieve them, with an emphasis on what needs to be done (algorithms), how to do it (factsheets) and how much is needed (calculation tools). By publishing this document, the Pan American Health Organization aims to facilitate decision-making by those responsible for health facilities and for the planning and implementation of water, sanitation and hygiene measures, as well as immediate and timely action by health and auxiliary staff and, in general, by professionals in the sector. This publication complements the guidance provided in WASH FIT.