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WASH in HCF Communications Assets

Please adapt this un-branded messaging to promote your work, as you keep up the important drumbeat and tell your own story! KEY MESSAGING, DATA, QUOTES AND MORE: Core messaging Faith-based core messaging 1-page leave-behind 3-page overview (and leave-behind) 10 Talking Points Notable quotes It’s Not Just COVID (HealthCare facilities need WASH!) News articles on WASH in HCF (2016 to 2021): Hundreds of articles and op-eds have been published in dozens of diverse media outlets, including: Washington Post, USA Today, TIME, The Guardian, The Hill Congressional Blog,, DEVEX (also see their 2021 feature WASH WORKS), Global Health NOW, Council on Foreign Relations, Reuters; USAID, UNICEF and WHO blogs; engineering magazines, faith-based publications, and many more.   Video and Photo Resources: WHO/UNICEF’s YouTube channel features WASH in HCF video content Global Water 2020’s YouTube channel features WASH in HCF video content A professionally shot, compelling photo exhibit depicts the lack of WASH in HCF (physical & electronic). Available free of charge upon request. Contact:   

Global Water 2020: Legacy Report

Global Water 2020 sunsets on June 30 2021. Global Water 2020 have reviewed the progress made since the UN Secretary-General’s 2018 Call to Action and compiled their thoughts on what is on the horizon for WASH in HCF.  The organization hopes this serves you as you develop strategies and seek new opportunities to ensure sustainable WASH services in all healthcare facilities.