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National Guidelines for WASH in Healthcare Facilities in Nigeria (2022)

This document is the national guidelines for water, sanitation and hygiene in healthcare facilities, it was developed to address the gaps in WASH in healthcare facilities. The guidelines include how to manage healthcare waste, environmental cleaning and monitoring of WASH in healthcare facilities through coordination, monitoring and reporting. Find the guidelines here!

WASH FIT training Report-Gambia

Gambia conducted a national WASH FIT training which targeted 30 participants from Ministry of Health, Water and Education and regional health offices public health officers, health officers from selected Healthcare facilities. UNICEF facilitated the training which was from the 30 October – 3 November 2023 at Bwiam in Gambia.

National Strategy for WASH in HCF 2023-2027-Mali

Mali has developed a National Strategy for WASH in Healthcare facilities 2023-2027 with a goal of improving 80% of healthcare facilities by 2027. Find the national strategy below!

Technical webinar series: WASH FIT

WHO and UNICEF hosted a practitioners’ webinar on use and scale-up of WASH FIT on the 21st of November 2023. Nearly 100 individuals participated from all regions of the world. Just over half had used WASH FIT with the remainder looking to learn how to start with WASH FIT in their countries and secure technical and financial support. A number of country examples where WASH FIT has been scaled up were presented. Find the presentations here!

WASH FIT implementation in Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh- results after 1 year

Water, sanitation, and healthcare waste management are essential services in healthcare facilities to ensure the quality of care and minimize infection risk. World Health Organization (WHO) Cox Bazar’s sub-office supported the implementation of the Water and Sanitation for Health Facility Improvement Tool in 21 purposively selected HCFs in Rohingya refugee settlements. This paper presents the results from monitoring a total of 16 WASH FIT indicators from three of the seven WASH FIT domains (five on water, five on sanitation, and six on health care waste management) for one year. Read the paper here!

Report on WASH FIT training in Kenya

This document is a training report of the national training on WASH FIT in Kenya. Ministry of Health Kenya, UNICEF HQ & UNICEF Kenya co-facilitated a WASH FIT training in October 2023 in Machakos town-Kenya. Find more about the training from the report below!

WASH FIT training report in Ethiopia

This document is a training report of the national training of trainers on WASH FIT in Ethiopia. Ministry of Health Ethiopia, World Vision Ethiopia and WHO Ethiopia co-facilitated the training in July 2023 in Bahir Dar town, Ethiopia. Find more about the training from the report below!