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Building Climate Resiliency in WASH in HCF (COP Event)

Climate change threatens the ability of healthcare facilities to provide routine services without disruption, particularly as it relates to the availability and quality of WASH services. As such, building resiliency into WASH in HCF programming is an important consideration from the onset. This Community of Practice event shared existing tools and resources to support climate resiliency, looked at examples of WASH in HCF programs that have made strides in integrating climate, and discussed what more healthcare facilities and implementers need to make sure climate resiliency is not overlooked.




WASH in HCF at the World Health Summit

During the World Health Summit 2022, WASH in HCF was highlighted due to its crucial importance now more than ever. Here is the presentation on ‘Investing in Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Waste in HCF: modest costs with high returns’.