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Technical webinar series: WASH FIT

WHO and UNICEF hosted a practitioners’ webinar on use and scale-up of WASH FIT on the 21st of November 2023. Nearly 100 individuals participated from all regions of the world. Just over half had used WASH FIT with the remainder looking to learn how to start with WASH FIT in their countries and secure technical and financial support. A number of country examples where WASH FIT has been scaled up were presented. Find the presentations here!

Join us for a webinar on WASH, waste and electricity in health care facilities webinar

Join this WHO and UNICEF webinar on Wednesday ​6th September! The webinar builds on the Global Summit on WASH and Waste in health care facilities: Realising safe and sustainable infrastructure for improved quality of care, that took place in June 2023 in Amman, Jordan. The Summit report and presentations can be found here. Speakers and panelists will include WHO, UNICEF and a number of government and partners who participated in the summit. Register here and download the flyer below to share with your networks.