Building Climate Resiliency in WASH in HCF (COP Event)

Climate change threatens the ability of healthcare facilities to provide routine services without disruption, particularly as it relates to the availability and quality of WASH services. As such, building resiliency... Read more »

Core Elements of Operations & Maintenance for WASH in HCF: A Discussion on Sustainability

This session examined the key elements of O&M including planning, people, and budgeting, with examples from Guatemala, Uganda, and Nepal. See recordings and powerpoint slides. ENGLISH:ÇAIS:ÑOL:

Cost Analysis for Clean Clinic Approach Activities in Guatemala and Implications for Scale-Up

MCSP conducted a cost analysis of the Clean Clinic Approach (CCA) in Guatemala to document expenditures necessary to implement the CCA; inform future incremental improvement efforts, both within and outside of Guatemala; and explore and contribute to the literature base on the implementation cost of WASH for infection prevention and control interventions.