What’s Next for the WASH in HCF COP (Oct 2023)

In June, WHO and UNICEF published the Global Progress Report on WASH in Healthcare Facilities. This session will explore how members of the WASH in HCF Community of Practice can... Read more »

Possible Indicators for WASH in HCF

This document captures the Community of Practice’s brainstorming sessions on monitor and evaluate WASH in HCF activities, including a list of possible indicators for future refinement.

Water, sanitation, hygiene, waste and electricity services in health care facilities: progress on the fundamentals. Global progress report 2023

This report focuses on global and national efforts and progress to improve WASH, cleaning and health care waste management in health care facilities. It builds upon the first update of progress published... Read more »


JMP Progress on WASH in Health Care Facilities 2000-2021

This 2022 update from the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (JMP) presents national, regional and global estimates for WASH in health care facilities up to... Read more »


Assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene service availability in healthcare facilities in the greater Kampala metropolitan area, Uganda

A cross-sectional study was conducted in 60 HCFs in Uganda. Availability of WASH services in the study HCFs was assessed using a validated WASH Conditions (WASHCon) tool comprising of structured interviews, HCF observations and microbial water quality analysis.

Assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene in HCFs: which tool to follow?

A review of nine available assessment tools for WASH in HCF published in Reviews on Environmental Health.