WASH in Healthcare Facilities Roadmap – Malawi

Developed by the Ministry of Health in Malawi, the purpose of the roadmap is to provide direction for the health sector to strengthen the WASH interventions being implemented in healthcare... Read more »

Global Analysis of health care waste in the context of COVID-19: case studies

These 12 case studies are part of the WHO 2021 publication: Global Analysis of health care waste in the context of COVID-19.


Energy access in Malawian healthcare facilities: consequences for health service delivery and environmental health conditions

Many healthcare facilities (HCFs) in low-income countries experience unreliable connectivity to energy sources, which adversely impacts the quality of health service delivery and provision of adequate environmental health services.

Unpacking healthcare waste management at rural village health clinics in the Ntcheu District (Malawi)

This case study explores the knowledge and practices of health surveillance assistants operating at rural village health clinics in Ntcheu District, Malawi, with regard to the collection, segregation, transportion, treatment, and disposal of healthcare waste. The article can also be accessed here: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10661-019-7306-6

WASH in health care facilities and linkages with quality of care

A Presentations given at the launch meeting of the WHO Network for Improving Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, in Lilongwe, Malawi, February 2017

From Assessment to Action: WASH in HCF Conditions in Zambia, Uganda, and Malawi

A case study presented at the Global Learning Event, Nepal, 2017.

WASH FIT Training Report – Embangweni, Malawi

A detailed report of a WASH FIT training in Malawi, July 2017. The report provides useful details on the process of organising and running a training and implementing WASH FIT.

Obstetric Facility Quality and Newborn Mortality in Malawi: A Cross-Sectional Study

One possible explanation of preventable newborn deaths is poor quality of clinical care. This paper assesses facility quality and estimates the association of facility quality with neonatal mortality in Malawi.