World Water Day 2020

Date - 22 March|22 March
Time - All day|All day
Location - Global|Global
Contact -

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In addition, in respect of the #COVID19 outbreak, many organizations are focusing on hand hygiene. While resources of water are critical for hand hygiene, the message is clear – regular cleaning of hands can help prevent many diseases and is one of the most important measures to take now.

Please join Global Water 2020, White Ribbon Alliance, and Global Health Council as they amplify the WHO new Twitter campaign: The Safe Hands Challenge [#safehands].

They are asking you to join, in two easy steps:

  1. Use your phone to shoot a short video washing your hands and post it. AND: if you know someone who cannot adequately clean their hands due to the lack of WASH in healthcare facilities, ask them to share a video that problem
  2. Don’t feel like doing a video? You can post their suggested tweets and graphics and encourage your colleagues/friends/family to take action too.