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Ukraine crisis strategic response plan for June – December 2022

This WHO Strategic Response Plan (‎SRP)‎ will be implemented in collaboration with partners providing life-saving support to people affected by the conflict in Ukraine, whether they are inside or outside Ukraine. It is an overarching framework built on the Ukraine Flash Appeal 2022 to guide priorities and work, according to access and location, in support of national and local authorities who are leading the readiness, response and early recovery activities. The timeframe of this SRP is six months.

WASH in HCF and IPC are part of the response plan.

Mapping of Existing WASH in HCF Tools & Approaches

Skat Foundation undertook a study to identify all existing tools and approaches which can be applied to WASH in HCF. This document provides an excel list of all identified resources, including those specific to WASH in HCF, those that could be applied from WASH in Schools and those from health that may not be specific to WASH.

Learning Note

Improving water, sanitation and hygiene in primary care health facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

WASH in Heltkea Fasiliti Toolkit

WASH in Healthcare Facility Toolkit (Companion to adapted Water Safety Plans & WASHFit)

Created by EWB with the Ministry of Health Vanuatu, with UNICEF support.


Estimating the cost of achieving basic water, sanitation, hygiene, and waste management services in public health-care facilities in the 46 UN designated least-developed countries: a modelling study


WASH in healthcare facilities refers to the provision of water, sanitation, health care waste management, infrastructure for hygiene and environmental cleaning, and services across all parts of a facility.