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Environmental cleaning and IPC in HCF in low and middles income countries: Modules and resources (2022)

This document is a module and resource on environmental cleaning and IPC for low- and middle-income countries. The Module and resources provide instructions, definitions, photographs, posters and specific illustrations of recommended practices. These materials can be converted to slides as appropriate and other necessary materials gathered and prepared in advance.

WASH in HCF_resources

This document includes the updated resources to support policy and practice of WASH in health care facilities.

WASH in HCF at the World Health Summit

During the World Health Summit 2022, WASH in HCF was highlighted due to its crucial importance now more than ever. Here is the presentation on ‘Investing in Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Waste in HCF: modest costs with high returns’.

Training Module for Health Staff in Healthcare Waste Management

This module addresses the waste management principles, waste management procedures for waste streams such as general waste, infectious waste, pathological waste, food waste and Covid -19 waste. Additionally, it describes the occupational health and safety of employees handling healthcare waste, the procedure of conducting waste audits and the legal aspects of healthcare waste management in Sri Lanka. This module can be used as a training guide as well as a handbook on healthcare waste management for health care workers in Sri Lanka.