Call for WASH in HCF expertise to inform a global roster for country support

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In order to achieve universal coverage of WASH in HCF, WHO and UNICEF developed the 8 Practical Steps to support countries’ progress. In particular, to facilitate improvements, scale up and sustain water, sanitation including health care waste management and hygiene services in health care facilities, WHO and UNICEF are jointly working to support countries to disseminate the WASH facility improvement (WASH FIT) package. The package includes a guide, training manual, fact sheets and training slides which are all based on a framework of risk-based management and an incremental improvement approach. Implementation requires both national leadership and buy-in and training of WASH in health care facility teams at national, sub-national and facilities levels who are responsible for the implementation. In particular, the WHO/UNICEF manual for trainers can be used to prepare to deliver training-of-trainers sessions, to develop “master trainers” and to support the development of a roster of in- country trainers.

Call for WASH in HCF expertise, including WASH FIT trainers:

In response to growing requests to support progress on the 8 Practical Steps, WHO/UNICEF is asking interested individuals who would like to be included in a list that will support countries to deliver on WASH FIT including trainings (virtual and in-person) and WASH in HCFs related interventions such as situation analyses/assessments, and costed roadmaps. This is a fantastic opportunity to support global efforts on WASH in HCF and become part of a growing group of individuals committed to lending their talents to this important initiative.


The process for being part of this list does not connote approval or secured work from WHO or UNICEF. Rather, it means your name will be shared with countries/others looking for people to support in training and implementation activities.


Subject matter expertise, including knowledge, skills and experience in relation to WASH in HCF (e.g. WASH engineer, environmental or public health expert), and WASH links to health (e.g. IPC or quality of care focal point) and;

  • Educational background in water and sanitation, waste management, public health, engineering, or basic infection prevention and control
  • Experience in training and facilitation skills, including ability to communicate and engage with the audience;
  • Strong interpersonal skills; and
  • Willingness to listen to and learn from participants
  • Fluency in several UN languages or major national languages an asset (to be explicitly indicated by applicants)


Who should I email if I am interested and what should I send?

Submit your CV including educational background, experiences and skills via email to- and coping Kebede Eticha at – by Friday, July 15.


NOTE: being included on this list will not mean that people are in any way working for WHO/UNICEF, and it is important that any conflicts of interest are seriously considered and declared. This includes monies received for work that conflicts with WHO/UNICEF standards (for example no connection with tobacco or arms companies).