Civil Society groups add voice to WASH in health facilities proposed resolution

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A coordinated effort has been made amongst civil society groups/organisations, resulting in 93 organizations and 77 individuals signing a clear and concise letter calling on Member States and the World Health Organization to:

  • Support and co-sponsor the proposed resolution on WASH in health care facilities at WHA 72.
  • Ensure the resolution and country-level progress address inequalities in WASH services, targeting areas where WASH needs are greatest.
  • Ensure that all action prioritizes the specific needs of those most at risk due to inadequate WASH services, including pregnant women, newborns, people with disabilities, the seriously ill, and marginalized populations.
  • Develop standards and monitoring mechanisms for advanced levels of WASH in health care facilities that ensure infection prevention and control, and reduce the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Read the letter in full.