World Health Assembly resolution on WASH in healthcare passed!

WASH in health care facilities has gained renewed prominence among Ministers of Health. The global status and actions for improving WASH in health care facilities were discussed this week at the World Health Assembly (WHA) among the 194 WHO Member States, key health partners and civil society through a number of side events and during the official deliberations.

“First do no harm: why water, sanitation and hygiene must be a priority for quality healthcare, protecting patient safety and tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR)”

This Member State event, which was hosted by Eswatini, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Tanzania and Zambia highlighted the huge gaps in service, practical actions and commitments that can be taken. The importance of addressing the basics first, ensuring structures are in place to sustain WASH services, engaging and empowering cleaners and the pressing need to address the spread of AMR through WASH in HCF and infection prevention and control were highlighted.

Within the official deliberations, the DG Report and Resolution were discussed and the resolution was passed on 25 May!

In addition, the importance of WASH in health care facilities was emphasized in events on patient safety, antimicrobial resistance, midwifery, primary health care and universal health coverage all of which also had resolutions passed.

Photo credit: Chris Huber, World Vision