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Training Module for Health Staff in Healthcare Waste Management

This module addresses the waste management principles, waste management procedures for waste streams such as general waste, infectious waste, pathological waste, food waste and Covid -19 waste. Additionally, it describes the occupational health and safety of employees handling healthcare waste, the procedure of conducting waste audits and the legal aspects of healthcare waste management in Sri Lanka. This module can be used as a training guide as well as a handbook on healthcare waste management for health care workers in Sri Lanka.

WASH Health Facility Data Exchange (WHdx)

A summary of the new WASH Health Facility Data Exchange (WHdx), an open data exchange platform which will provide stakeholders with a data repository and decision-making tools to more effectively take action on WASH in HCF.

Protocolo para evaluar la situación del agua, el saneamiento y la higiene en establecimientos de salud con atención a la resiliencia al clima

El objetivo de este protocolo es facilitar la evaluación de los establecimientos de salud de América Latina y el Caribe en lo relativo al agua potable, el alcantarillado y sanea- miento, la higiene, los residuos sólidos, la limpieza, la energía y el medio ambiente y la gestión y fuerza laboral. Representa la herramienta base para conocer la situación de los establecimientos de salud en los campos mencionados.

Learning Note

Improving water, sanitation and hygiene in primary care health facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

National standards in infection prevention and control for health facilities (3rd edition)

Aligned with the aspirations of the Universal Health Care (UHC) Act to ensure that all Filipinos have access to quality and affordable health services and are protected against financial risk, the Department of Health (DOH) urges the health sector to move towards the development of a productive, resilient, equitable, and people-centered health system.

Global Water 2020 Legacy Assets

As Global Water 2020 sunsets, we are pleased to share a wide selection of materials we have aggregated and generated, with the hope you will find these helpful as you keep up the momentum and continue your important WASH in HCF work.  Please make use of these assets and share them widely! With thanks on behalf of the Global Water 2020 team.