WHO and UNICEF convened a series of stakeholder ‘think-tanks’ coinciding with the launch of the Global Report on WASH in health care facilities in December 2020, to discuss barriers to progress. A Global Taskforce on WASH in health care facilities, comprising approximately 30 key partners/thought leaders, evolved from these think-tanks to provide input to WHO and UNICEF on global strategic direction, coordination, and to allow for information exchange and dialogue.  Find more about the task force key activities in the attached document.

The purpose of the task force is to:

  • Encourage and hold accountable national governments to achieve the objectives established by WHA 72/7 and SDG 3 and SDG 6
  • Reinforce calls for strong health leadership (e.g. mobilising political leaders at global events including G7, G20, UNGA)
  • Work at country level to increase demand, financing and integration of WASH in health programming and reporting
  • Support greater collaboration with other initiatives (e.g. UHC, Child/maternal health, AMR, climate smart health systems, Hand Hygiene for All)