Core Elements of Operations & Maintenance for WASH in HCF: A Discussion on Sustainability

This session examined the key elements of O&M including planning, people, and budgeting, with examples from Guatemala, Uganda, and Nepal. See recordings and powerpoint slides. ENGLISH:ÇAIS:ÑOL:

Global Analysis of health care waste in the context of COVID-19: case studies

These 12 case studies are part of the WHO 2021 publication: Global Analysis of health care waste in the context of COVID-19.

Findings from SNV baseline on health care facilities in 5 countries

Preliminary results from a survey of health care facilities conducted by SNV in 16 cities across 5 countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Tanzania and Zambia). 366 facilities were surveyed in total.

Post-Earthquake and Longer-term Sustainability in Nepal

A Presentations given at WASH Futures: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Conference 2016

SEARO Regional workshop on healthcare waste management: Meeting report

Meeting report from a regional meeting on health care waste management held in Kathmandu, Nepal, November 2016.

Impact of maternal and birth attendant handwashing on neonatal mortality in southern Nepal

This paper seeks to estimate the association of birth attendant and maternal hand-washing practices on neonatal mortality in rural Nepal.