Rwanda country update

An update of country progress prepared for the 2019 Global Meeting on WASH in health care facilities, held in Livingstone, Zambia (9-11 September 2019)

Water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure and quality in rural healthcare facilities in Rwanda

The state of WASH services was assessed in 17 rural HCFs in Rwanda through direct observation and semi-structured interviews.

Small Water Enterprise in Rural Rwanda: Business Development and Year-One Performance Evaluation of Nine Water Kiosks at Health Care Facilities

A study to evaluate small water enterprises in rural Rwanda, looking at nine facility-owned and operated water kiosks supplying water from onsite water treatment systems

Evaluation of Membrane Ultrafiltration and Residual Chlorination as a Decentralized Water Treatment Strategy for Ten Rural Healthcare Facilities in Rwanda

A study looking at operation of 10 water treatment systems including pre-filtration, membrane ultrafiltration, and chlorine residual disinfection in a rural health care facility in Rwanda.