WASH FIT – Hygiène des mains feuille d’exercice

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Hand Hygiene in Healthcare – COP discussion

A discussion on hand hygiene in healthcare facilities, focused on approaches for sustainability, from the Community of Practice launch on October 19, 2021. Slides from the session in English are available here and recordings are posted below:


Determinants of hygiene practices among mothers seeking delivery services from healthcare facilities in the Kampala metropolitan area, Uganda

Our study aimed at assessing the determinants of hand hygiene and utilisation of bathing facilities in healthcare facilities (HCFs) in the greater Kampala metropolitan area, Uganda.

Impact of mhealth messages and environmental cues on hand hygiene practice among healthcare workers in the greater Kampala metropolitan area, Uganda: study protocol for a cluster randomized trial

The study will provide critical findings on barriers and facilitators to hand hygiene practice among healthcare workers, and the impact of environmental cues and mhealth messages on healthcare workers’ hand hygiene practice.

Hands-Free Handwashing stations in Eastern & Southern Africa region in the context of COVID-19 pandemic

This is a consolidation of low-cost low-tech design & construction guidance for building mobile hands-free Handwashing with Soap Stations in UNICEF's East and South African Region countries, with the aim of reducing risks of disease transmission and increasing desirability for hand hygiene.