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Framing an agenda for children in the SDG era

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The health and wellbeing of children now and in the future depends on overcoming new challenges that are escalating at such speed as to threaten the progress and successes of the past two decades in child health. The climate emergency is rapidly undermining the future survival of all species, and the likelihood of a world in which all children enjoy their right to health appears increasingly out of reach. A second existential threat that is more insidious has emerged: predatory commercial exploitation that is encouraging harmful and addictive activities that are extremely deleterious to young people’s health.

The WHO–UNICEF–Lancet Commission lays the foundations for a new global movement for child health that addresses these two crises and presents high-level recommendations that position children at the centre of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Call for papers in special issue of IJERPH

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The journal is interested in papers that illuminate the scope of the problem, identify potential solutions and effective implementation approaches, and test novel technologies that could help to improve essential environmental conditions (e.g. infrastructure, hygienic items, clean surfaces, behaviors) in HCFs. Studies may address one or multiple essential environmental condition(s). Solutions-oriented studies that address known research gaps, such as accessibility, gender, and patient satisfaction, or integrate these concepts, are encouraged.  The deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 December 2020. For more information, visit

WHO announces urgent health challenges for the next decade

Collage of images of water and children being cared for

WHO has announced that water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities is one of 13 urgent health challenges to be addressed in this decade. The lack of these basics in health facilities is highlighted including that it leads to poor-quality care and an increased chance of infection for patients and health workers.

WASH in HCF in the media – recent articles


In recent months, WASH in health care facilities has been receiving more attention with articles published in the media and new blogs and videos. Below you will find links to recent articles and publications.  The monthly WASH in HCF newsletter also includes links to recent articles. If you do not already receive the newsletter, please sign up at the bottom of the page.

BANGLADESH: “Untreated medical waste: a serious threat to public health”, The Daily Star, 28 October

BANGLADESH: “Hospitals breach disposal rules”, The Daily Star, 23 November,

INDONESIA: “IAPMO Roundtable galvanizes Indonesian industry”, Contractor, November,

INDIA: “72,045 PHCs in country don’t have toilet facilities for staff”, The Hindu, 25 November 2019:

KENYA: “What Kenyan women want in maternal healthcare”, Business Daily Africa, 27 November 2019:

Save/USAID: “Cost analysis for Clean Clinic Approach Activities in Guatemala and Implications for Scale-Up”,

UN Secretary General Video: “SG urges efforts to realize human rights to safe water & sanitation under European Protocol on Water & Health”,

WHO news: “World Toilet Day – in search of healthier health care in Cox’s Bazaar”, 21 November 2019:—in-search-of-a-healthier-health-care-in-cox-s-bazar 

WASH & AMR: WASH services critical to curbing antibiotic “quick fix”

Listen to the WHO UNICEF webinar “From Resolution to Revolution” – 26th November 2019

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WHO and UNICEF held a short webinar on 26th November 2019 to provide an update on progress following the 2019 global meeting on WASH in health care facilities. The webinar also featured the Government of Zambia talking about their recent activities. Watch the recording below.

Details of future webinars to be held in early 2020 will be shared on the site soon.