The role of infection prevention and control in preventing antibiotic resistance in health care

An infographic to raise awareness during World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2017 on the links between IPC, WASH and AMR in health care settings.

WASH in HCF: An overview of the evidence

An overview of research on AMR, health-care associated infections, care-seeking behaviour and staff morale and performance, presented at WASH Futures: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Conference 2016

Drug-resistant infections: A Threat to Our Economic Future

This Reports examines the economic and development consequences of AMR with a focus on the aspects that are most relevant to LMIC and on the measures that these countries can take, together with the larger global community, to mitigate the economic and health costs of AMR.

Genderised WASH in Ugandan and Indian Public Health Care Facilities: Sandec News (Issue 17)

This article highlights the second phase of the two year interdisciplinary G-WASH research project. G-WASH combines social anthropology, gender studies and sanitary engineering to research different usersÕ needs about WASH infrastructure in health care facilities.