Combatting AMR through WASH and IPC in healthcare

This updated two page flier, jointly produced by WHO, UNICEF and WaterAid, details the latest burden from poor WASH and IPC in health care, the role WASH and IPC serve in preventing AMR and the benefits of joint action and investments. It also provides examples of effective, collaborative action at the global, national and facility level. It allows anyone working in these fields to speak confidently about the current core issues, as well as solutions and will ultimately drive quality of care given how critical WASH and IPC measures are for AMR reduction and overall patient safety.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week and World Toilet Day Social Media pack

Example twitter messages for anyone to use during World Antibiotic Awareness Week and on World Toilet Day - join us to make sure we speak in one voice about committing to and improving water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities

Review of Progress on Antimicrobial Resistance

This report, written by Charles Clift from the Centre on Global Health Security, follows from the 2016 Review on Antimicrobial Resistance which had a global impact in raising the profile of AMR. The report calls on the need to do more on WASH to address AMR, including requiring countries to include water and sanitation investments as a key criteria for receiving funds.

Evaluating the foundations that help avert antimicrobial resistance: Performance of essential water sanitation and hygiene functions in hospitals and requirements for action in Kenya

Significant differences and challenges exist in the state of WASH within and across hospitals in Kenya. Whereas the senior hospital management can make some improvements, input and support from the national and regional governments are essential to improve WASH as a basic foundation for averting nosocomial infections and the spread of AMR as part of safe, quality hospital care in Kenya.

Anthropological and socioeconomic factors contributing to global antimicrobial resistance: a univariate and multivariable analysis

An analysis of antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic consumption worldwide versus many potential contributing factors.

Appl Environ Microbiol 2017 Kotay AEM 03327 16

This paper looks at the mechanism of transmission from the wastewater of the sink traps to patients.