Report on WASH FIT training in Kenya

This document is a training report of the national training on WASH FIT in Kenya. Ministry of Health Kenya, UNICEF HQ & UNICEF Kenya co-facilitated a WASH FIT training in... Read more »

Improving water and hand-washing services in rural health care facilities in Kitui County, Kenya

Improving water and hand-washing services in rural health care facilities in Kitui County, Kenya Authors: Jacob Katuva, Rob Hope, Ellie McBurney, Nancy Gladstone, Johanna Koehler, Cliff Nyaga, Dennis Njung'e This brief presents policy recommendations for improving water and hand-washing services in rural health care facilities through a professional service delivery model. Annualised costs to provide safe and reliable water and soap services are estimated from actual cost data, providing a basis for county-level budgets and investment planning.

Decentralized Chlorine Generation COP Meeting: Aug 2021

Slides from the August 2021 meeting of the global community of practice on decentralized chlorine production.


Case studies of WASH FIT implementation

This document contains a set of short case studies from the following countries: The Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao PDR, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Tajikistan, Ecuador and Mali.


WASH FIT assessment booklet (adapted for use in Kenya)

An example of a WASH FIT assessment, developed for use in Kenya as part of a research study using WASH FIT in 16 district hospitals.

Summary of Country Presentations from AFRO Regional Meeting

Presentation given at the 2021 Africa Regional Leaders Summit on WASH in HCF, hosted virtually by WHO AFRO. Presentations were made by the following countries: Burkina Faso, Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda

Evaluating the foundations that help avert antimicrobial resistance: Performance of essential water sanitation and hygiene functions in hospitals and requirements for action in Kenya

Significant differences and challenges exist in the state of WASH within and across hospitals in Kenya. Whereas the senior hospital management can make some improvements, input and support from the national and regional governments are essential to improve WASH as a basic foundation for averting nosocomial infections and the spread of AMR as part of safe, quality hospital care in Kenya.

Case study of WASH in HCF in Ethiopia and Kenya: Key findings and takeaways

A case study from 11 facilities in Ethiopia and 9 in Kenya where the Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) and other NGOs operate