Agenda of Regional WASH FIT training, Nairobi March 2023

WHO’s AFRO and UNICEF ESARO regional offices hosted a five-day training in Nairobi-Kenya from the 20th to 24th of March 2023 focusing on training trainers’ who are involved in improving... Read more »

Zambia WASH and IPC standards: Training manual (2018)

A training curriculum which accompanies the Zambian standards and SOPs for WASH and IPC in health care facilities.

WASH FIT Training Package – Updated December 2020

The WASH FIT training package has been completely revised and updated. The complete package is available to download here which includes seven modules and supplementary materials: Introduction to WASH in HCF and links with health WASH FIT Methodology Five technical modules: Water; Sanitation; Health care waste management; Hand hygiene; Environmental cleaning & disinfection. You are encouraged to modify and adapt the slides as you need, e.g. changing photos or text to make them more relevant to your setting. If you have any questions or comments on the training materials, please get in touch WASH FIT & COVID-19: This training package was developed before the outbreak of COVID-19. A short summary of the most relevant technical guidance for WASH & COVID-19 have subsequently been included in each technical module. A shortened version of the WASH FIT assessment tool to use where a rapid evaluation of services is needed is also available on Kobo Toolbox. It is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Elevating the Role of Cleaners in Healthcare Facilities: A Guidance Note

This document is a guidance note on elevating the role of cleaners in healthcare facilities written by Hayley Schram, Lindsay Denny, and Global Water 2020 in preparation for 'Thank Your Cleaner Day' on October 21. This document proposes 12 actions to elevate cleaners in healthcare facilities and provides resources for key stakeholders, organizations, and individuals working with or interested in environmental cleanliness and cleaners.

Lessons learnt from WASH FIT Interventions in the FDMN Settlements, Cox’s Bazaar

A detailed report of how WASH FIT was implemented in 21 health care facilities in Cox's Bazaar and results of an evaluation one year on.

WASH FIT Training report – Cox’s Bazaar PHC managers

Report from a training of primary health care managers implementing WASH FIT in Cox's Bazaar camp, Bangladesh.

WASHinHCF Webinar Series Summary

The document provides a summary of the 12 month WASH in Healthcare Facilities webinar series with short descriptions of each webinar.

Template to develop an aide memoire – building workforce capacity for WASH in HCF

This template was used at a workshop in Zambia in September 2019. The template should be printed in A1 size i.e. very big (!) and used in workshop exercises for participants to write on while they discuss each point. The final product can be used as an aide memoire for countries to take steps in building workforce capacity to support WASH in health care facilities improvement.

Summary of WASH in health care facilities webinar series

Emory University hosted a yearlong monthly webinar series on WASH in Healthcare Facilities. The following report summarizes each of the sessions, along with links to the recordings.

Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services Hosts Workshop on WaSH in Health Care Facilities

Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services held a training on WASH in HCF for medical practitioners in June 2019.