WASHinHCF Webinar Series Summary

The document provides a summary of the 12 month WASH in Healthcare Facilities webinar series with short descriptions of each webinar.

Template to develop an aide memoire – building workforce capacity for WASH in HCF

This template was used at a workshop in Zambia in September 2019. The template should be printed in A1 size i.e. very big (!) and used in workshop exercises for participants to write on while they discuss each point. The final product can be used as an aide memoire for countries to take steps in building workforce capacity to support WASH in health care facilities improvement.

Environmental Cleaning Collaborative: Best Practices and Implementation Toolkit

Presentation given at the 2019 Global Meeting on WASH in health care facilities, held in Livingstone, Zambia (9-11 September 2019). This provides an overview of a set of new resources for environmental cleaning, developed by CDC and ICAN.

WASH: Histoire de Réussite

L’approche Centre de Santé Assaini (CSA) a démarré dans 2 Divisions Provinciales de la Santé (DPS) regroupant 35 Centres de Santé (CS) avec appui USAID’s flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP). The Clean Clinic Approach has been rolled out in 2 provincial health districts, including 35 health centres with support from USAID's flagship program, MCSP.

WASH in health care facilities – Global baseline report 2019

The first global baseline estimates for WASH in health care facilities, prepared by the Joint Monitoring Programme.

Overview of the WASH and CLEAN toolkit

A Presentations given at WASH Futures: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Conference 2016