Roundtable on WASH and AMR: Summary report

In June 2017, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine convened a roundtable to build on earlier discussions around research, feasibility and funding, and the politics of WASH and AMR.

Facilitating Evidence-Based Solutions for WASH in HCF

Presentations given at the Annual Global WASH in HCF Meeting, London, March 2016

Redefining infection prevention and control in the new era of quality universal health coverage

This paper considers the extent to which the global IPC community in its widest form should better position IPC as a fundamental component of quality within the context of rapidly advancing UHC-driven health system reforms.

The global push for institutional childbirths – in unhygienic facilities

Editorial piece in the BMJ looking at childbirth without access to water and sanitation.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Health Care Facilities – Urgent needs and action

Presentations from the WASH in HCF Global Meeting, Geneva, 2015.

Availability and satisfactoriness of latrines and hand washing stations in health facilities, and role in health seeking behavior of women: evidence from rural Pune district, India

A paper looking at WASH infrastructure in small health facilities in rural Pune, India, and expectations and satisfactoriness among women.