WHO and UNICEF is launching WASH FIT implementation survey that aims to achieve a better understanding of how WASH FIT is being used and the outcomes of its implementation. It seeks to understand the outcomes and challenges of using WASH FIT in order to inform and strengthen future support to facility improvements through use and adaptation of WASH FIT support, guidance and advocacy.

The survey should be completed and submitted by a representative of a government body (e.g. Ministry of Health), WHO or UNICEF country office or implementing partner (e.g. NGO) who is knowledgeable about WASH FIT in the country concerned. The data will be analyzed for inclusion in a joint WHO/UNICEF report, to be published in 2024.  In addition, the information collected may be used to develop more detailed case studies for training materials and future workshops/presentations.  The deadline for completing the survey is Friday 24th of November. If you have any question or would like more information: please contact: Arabella Hayter at or Nadia Abdalla

Find the survey here!