WASH and Maternal and Newborn Health: Time to Act

A policy brief that documents the state of the evidence on how poor WASH impacts maternal and newborn health.

WASH Safety Plan Training Liberia Nov 2015 summary Report

NB: Liberia used the term WASH Safety Plans, as this was the name used before it became WASH FIT.

Monitoring drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene in non-household settings: Priorities for policy and practice

A review of international standards, international and national actors, and monitoring initiatives on WASH in non-household settings.

Ethiopia Service Provision Assessment Plus Survey – Key findings

Findings of the 2014 Ethiopia Service Provision Assessment Plus Survey (2014 ESPA+), which was implemented by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute in collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health

Liberia WASH FIT Package (10.2): WASH FIT Methodology

Liberian WASH FIT Training Package

WaSH Policy Research Digest: WHO-UNICEF Report shows that WaSH in health care facilities is seriously lacking

A short summary of the WHO-UNICEF 2015 Reports of global data on coverage of WASH in HCF.

Private Organizations for Patient Safety: Who we are and what we do

Description of the WHO Collaborative Approach: POP

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